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We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My mother has been a Life Alert customer for nearly 15 years. It wasn’t until the last month, though, that she has used her service—twice. In fact, she fell both times and I could not get her up. So, I pressed for [Life Alert] help. We got help within 15 minutes, and both times the EMTs were professional, kind and pleasant. Fortunately, mother was not injured. By the way, mother is 103 on Christmas day! I certainly am relieved to know how efficient the Life Alert process was. Mother’s Life Alert gives me peace of mind.

L.K. Mound City, MO

I was standing in my kitchen when I had a terrible feeling of losing all control of my body. It just kept getting worse until I was on the floor and could not get up. I honestly think my blood pressure dropped drastically. I was fine but paramedics were called to get my back up. Thank you, Life Alert.

B.R. Mauston, WI

I grabbed for the rail in the garage which leads to the laundry room and I noticed my one arm wasn’t as long as I thought it was, this is where I slung around and couldn’t get up again, this is when I called Life Alert. [EMTs] came in minutes but I wasn’t hurt or no broken bones, I used my walker into the house and they could see I wasn’t hurt. Half hour or so, [Life Alert] called to see if I was okay. It was good.

R.N. Madisonville, TN

The first time I used Life Alert, I could not breathe. [Life Alert] called EMS and they were here very quickly. Life Alert saved my life. The next time I was very short of breath and I used Life Alert, EMS were there quickly. I had fluid on my lungs and around my heart. Life Alert saved my information twice. I have numerous health problems and felt much better having Life Alert.

C.S. Converse, TX

I fell in my house; after seeing the damage (fractured ankle), I immediately pressed the Life Alert button. [Life Alert] operator was very professional, calm and assured me help was on the way. I test my [Life Alert] call button every month as per your suggestion. This service is the best money I spend! Thank you so much!

J.S. San Diego, CA

I had an emergency on Sunday morning at 7:30am, or there about. Right away, the [Life Alert] operator came and asked me what my emergency was. I told her that I couldn’t breathe, right away she contacted the rescue squad and police and they were here right away. The operator stayed on the line until they arrived. The operator came in and contacted my son who lives in another city. I would recommend [Life Alert] to anybody.

R.G. El Paso, IL

Mom suffered another stroke and broke her ankle in two places, requiring surgery. She pressed her [Life Alert] button and called for help. [EMTs] arrived very quickly. Thank you so much, [Life Alert] people are fantastic.

J.L. Hanover, PA

I fell in my bedroom due to pain in my stomach. I pushed the [Life Alert] button and the fire department was in my home within 5-10 minutes. Thanks to the Life Alert, I was taken to the hospital in a timely manner. And now, I am celebrating Christmas with my family.

J.M. Palos Heights, IL

I had severe shortness of breath after taking nitro tablets, no relief. I had chest pain and took two more nitro tablets. I went into severe atrial fibrillation. I called Life Alert, [EMTs] came real quick and took very good care of me until we reached hospital.

N.O. Florence, SC

My husband was home alone while I was running errands. He fell and was able to press his [Life Alert] wrist help button. There was immediate reaction and paramedics were to his aid within five minutes. [Life Alert] could not reach me, but got in touch with our son who came immediately to be with him. Life Alert was wonderful! Thank you.

B.P. Greenville, SC

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