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37310 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My birthday is 5/3/26. I tell you this to let you know that I am elderly and live alone. I’ve always prided myself in being able to keep two hand-set phones on, or near me at all times. This particular time, my cell phone was on the kitchen cabinet (getting charged), and my in-line phone was in the middle of my bed and couldn’t be reached. Since it was Sunday, I was getting ready for church. I was all dressed, trying to get my shoes on. I usually sit on the edge of the bed to do this, but I was having problems, so decided to stand up. I made a mistake. My hose on a slippery tile-floor didn’t allow me to stand-up -- and down I went. Thankfully, I didn’t feel hurt and I stared to wonder, what to do? The only thing I could do was press my “Life Alert”. EMS were here. They had excellent knowledge given to them, to let themselves into a locked house and went to work. They put me on my feet, but I felt scared and shaky. Needless to say, I didn’t go to church. I, somehow must have hit my head, as I had a bruised forehead, bruised right-arm with blood, and bruised feelings. The following week I didn’t feel like going or doing anything. In fact, I felt sort of Coo-Coo. The fall has made me slower and more careful. If it had not been for Life Alert, I would have laid on the floor an hour and one-half when a caregiver was to come and take me to church. This would have been a plus, I feel. The Life Alert system worked notifying my son and a caregiver to also come. This has made me a very, very big believer in the Life Alert and I have told dozens of people. To me now, it is more important than the hand-set phones. It is impossible to always have hand-set phones; whereas, one always has the Life Alert. Thank you, lord, and Life Alert.

T.J., Saint Clair, MO

Mom blacked out and fell, we pushed her button that she wears around her neck. Life Alert answered and got a medical response sent to us to get her to the hospital. Great Job. Thank you so very much!!!

J.M., Florence, SC

I had chest pains and I pressed the [Life Alert] button and the police came and then the ambulance to the hospital where I got help. They were very courteous and caring.

H.S., Grafton, ND

I had fallen and could not get up. The Life Alert staff came within a few minutes and got me on my feet and stayed until I was fine and stable.

J.A., Carson City, NV

My husband had a stroke in Sept 2014. He lost his ability to speak properly and the movement on his right side. He fell that day and I was unable to pick him up. The help arrived and helped him and me, everything went well.

C.A., Boise, ID

This last time was not a life or death call. [Life Alert] staff was very courteous like they had been many times before. They were very helpful getting me to the hospital. I always feel safe and the staff always assist me when necessary. They are asking what they can do to take care of you. I never worry about what they do and everyone is friendly and they take care of you.

D.T., Kernersville, NC

I have fallen out of my wheelchair several times and worked really hard to get back in and could not, so I pressed my [Life Alert] button and they were quick to response and send the ambulance; the crew picked me up and put me back in my wheelchair. They have always been so good, polite, and helpful. Great service! Thank you so much!!

D.B., Denham Springs, LA

I live alone and got up in the night and fell. I tried to call my daughter who lives near, but neither she nor her husband answered after multiple tries. I could not get up so finally I pushed my Life Alert button. Paramedics arrived quickly but I couldn’t get to the door. Thanks to Life Alert, they were told where to find my door key and to come in. My leg was cut in the fall and they helped me up and bandaged the cut. I really love Life Alert.

S.M., Benton, AR

Fell walking from the kitchen to the living room in the hallway. Called Life Alert. Spoke with Life Alert after paramedics helped me up. They walked me to the recliner chair. I rested there for an hour and I was ok. Life Alert was kind and helpful.

D.O., Essex, MD

As soon as I mashed my [Life Alert] button we began to get service. The ambulance came very soon. After services we were called once or twice to see if we were alright and if we needed them for anything else. Thanks.

M.M., Rose Hill, NC

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