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36756 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I fell off a step on the deck. I landed on my back and pressed the Life Alert button because I could not get up. My husband was downstairs doing laundry. He heard the phone response to my call to Life Alert and he found me. My fall was serious in that it reinjured my weak leg, but I survived. Many thanks for the loud answer to my call.

T.S Lee, MA

I was experiencing horrible pain in the abdominal area and I knew I had a blocked colon. At the same time, I was having terrific pain from piriformis muscle syndrome! I called Life Alert and asked for an ambulance to take me to the emergency room. Life Alert did an excellent job. Thank you!

D.O Arlington, TX

I will be 89 years old in November. I had a UTI and didn’t realize it, but I couldn’t see straight and my neighbor was here and called my daughter and then Life Alert. Thank lord they came right away, my daughter thought I was having a stroke. Life Alert sent paramedics, and they were real nice and helpful. They took me to the hospital and took great care of me before they sent me home.

H.H Pace, FL

I have fallen many times and Life Alert was always here to help me. Thank God for Life Alert as I live alone and would totally be without help if not for Life Alert!

M.M Wilmington, NC

I tripped over my walker and I tried to get up. I waited for almost two hours before I called Life Alert. They was very helpful and told me not to wait that long before calling. That’s what they are there for. Very kind. I thank you!

T.H Amarillo, TX

I hurt my left leg in an accident and the next morning when I woke up, I could not get up out of the chair I was sleeping in. I could not put any weight on the leg. I live alone and could not get in contact with my son, whom would have been there to help me if I needed him. But I was lucky and I pressed my Life Alert button to get help. Thank God I had Life Alert.

S.M Racine, WI

I suffered a stroke, and Life Alert responded immediately. Life alert saved my life! Thank you.

C.G Wappingers Falls, NY

My mom fell early in the morning hours when she got up to use the bathroom. She pushed her Life Alert button, but was unresponsive to [you] when the [dispatcher] called. The Life Alert [dispatcher] called all of her kids and the emergency services for my mom immediately. We are grateful for your service. It gives us great comfort to know that Life Alert are all there for us.

M.R New Baltimore, MI

When my aunt pushed her Life Alert pendent, Life Alert assessed her issue and contacted the paramedics and the emergency contacts added to her list. They informed us about the issue. The [dispatcher] remained on the line until paramedics showed up and they advised them of her medication. Life Alert are just so helpful. We love them and would recommend them.

N.J Smithfield, PA

My father called Life Alert and with just a push of a button, emergency personnel was on site within ten minutes. Life Alert also contacted my family members and things seem to fall into place for my father’s health care. Thank you so much!

J.C Kirkville, NY

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